Top five social media and influencer trends for 2023

Are you preparing your social media strategy and need some pointers on the key trends to follow in 2023? You’re in the right place! With 57.6 million (yes, million!) active social media users in the UK, it’s harder than ever to stand out from the crowd. That’s why our social media experts have revealed their predictions for what sort of content will be performing best on our feeds. From exciting video-based content to empathy-driven posts, there’s more for you to find out! Whether you’re a brand or an influencer, read this guide and get a head start on all things social this year! 

1. Video-based content will be everywhere

Get comfortable with video, it’s here to stay! Short-video clips will continue to dominate the social media landscape in 2023 with platforms such as TikTok continuing to grow in popularity. Did you know they reached 9.2 million users this year in the UK? One of the reasons this platform can to attract so many content creators is the fact that they offer high levels of organic exposure.  

Top tip: TikTok revealed that two in five users believe 'lifting their spirits' is key in motivating them to purchase a product a content creator has shared, so don’t be afraid to spread those positive vibes! Read more TikTok specific tips here.

2. Followers want sensitivity from their favourite creators  

Three in five consumers in the UK told us that seeing luxury lifestyles on social media is infuriating during the cost-of-living crisis. With two-thirds of UK consumers planning to cut non-essentials this year, it’s a good idea to tailor the content you post to ensure it’s well-timed in the current climate. There’s no need to completely alter your content, just be aware of who follows you and be consistent with what you post.   

Top tip: Focus on building empathetic content whilst focusing on your personal brand. For example, you could share some personal anecdotes or chat to your community to encourage honest discussions. This also shows your community that any partnerships you do are authentic and genuine.

3. Micro-influencers are going to thrive 

If you’re a micro-influencer, get ready – it’s your time to shine! Smaller creators are more engaged and connected with their followers which often means their fanbase see them like friends. If we compare that with macro-influencers who may not have the time to follow up with the thousands of messages they receive, you can see why users are super engaged with those who have less of a following. Plus, brands that micro-influencers work with are usually more related to them and their niche, and they might genuinely use their product or service, whereas larger content creators may promote any product or service just for the money.  

Top tip: If you’re a content creator, get rewarded for sharing the brands you truly love by joining our influencer network here.

4.  The big players remain most relevant, for now

If you’re a brand, it's likely that ad spend on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok will take a key share of your marketing budget. More creators and business owners are expected to increase their ad spend to get more visibility as organic reach decreases. That means now is a good time to start experimenting and testing ads while the prices are still low as they’re expected to rise in 2023.

Top tip: In order for paid ads to be successful, they must target the correct audience. Dedicate time to understanding your followers so that any paid content is tailored perfectly to their interests and needs.

5. Authenticity beats quantity every time

Last but not least, authenticity is key to growing your audience in 2023, particularly if you’re targeting Gen Z. Young people have a strong focus on quality and authenticity online, with our trusty data unveiling that close to half of young adults say they cannot relate to or identify with any influencers. It’s no surprise that TikTok is Gen Z’s favourite social media app, thanks to its personalised experience and inspirational content. Plus, look at how popular BeReal became last year. This app prompts users to post just one photo a day to reveal exactly what they’re up to in that moment, without any filters or editing.

Top tip: To grow a genuine fanbase this year, post authentic and unfiltered content that is true to your own interests and beliefs.

A final note from our social media experts

If social media is a big part of your marketing strategy this year, take note of what’s worked for you so far and merge it with the five trends we’ve looked at today. Look at the networks your followers are most active on and take stock of their key interests. Rather than trying to jump on every single trending TikTok song or popular hashtag, pick those that fit your niche and remember there is nothing wrong with staying authentic - it’s exactly what will make you stand out on social media. After all, your followers will thank you for it! Ready to join our influencer network platform to work with brands that you love? Follow this link to apply.


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