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    "I use Room Unlocked because we are going to find influencers that are genuine customers of ours, massive brand advocates, and it's a dream match made in heaven."
    Morgane Brown, Social and Content Lead
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    "User-generated content plays a huge role in everything we do, so using Room Unlocked has enabled us to get quick content, at volume, really cost-effectively. As influencer marketing kind of moves towards paid it enables us to get a higher return for our investment."
    Hayley Hall, Global Head of Communications
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    “I love Room Unlocked as a platform. It’s easy to use and I have seen an increase in our followers on social media since we started using it. My account manager is always happy to help with whatever I need and understands the company’s goals. I would highly recommend the platform to anyone looking for an easy way to reach and work with influencers.”
    Jessica Hosegood, Marketing Assistant
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    How it works
    Genuine advocacy comes from influencer partners who already love your brand. Room Unlocked enables influencers to express their genuine interest in working with you, and bid on opportunities set by you. Here’s how:
    Request a free demo with us to kick start your campaigns
    List your opportunities and put an offer on the table
    Monitor bids from influencers who already love you
    Communicate with your chosen influencer partners directly
    Measure the efficacy of your campaigns by your chosen metrics
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    Cost saving
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    Time saving
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    Get started today
    Get started today!

    What happens next?

    When brands request a demo with the team, they’ll take you through Room Unlocked and show you how it all works.

    We’ll also discuss price packages to suit your needs and make recommendations to help optimise your opportunity listings for quality bids from influencers.

    Once you’re up and running, our team are always on hand and happy to help throughout the duration of your campaign.