The Influence Room is a member's only platform where brands, agencies, agents and influencers meet for mutually beneficial partnerships.

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Our unique technology delivers a reversal in the current influencer engagement model, uniquely sourcing a brand's natural advocates. The Influence Room serves to amplify any paid, owned or earned media.

1. Brands create an opportunity - this details what you are offering and looking for in return

2. Influencers bid on those opportunities from the brands, campaigns and experiences that they love the look of

3. Brands accept the influencers who best fit with their activity and the partnership is agreed


Aspinal of London
The Carnegie Club
Compare The Market
Finlay London
Goodwin Smith Shoes
Iconic Luxury Group
Jagaur Land Rover
Karma Hotel Group
Latest In Beauty
The Perfume Shop
Primrose's Kitchen
Red Bull
London Sock Company
Wilson Tennis and Golf

Benefits for
  • Brands
  • Influencers
  • Agencies
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Genuine brand advocates

Find true advocates for your brand, product or experience by privately listing your offer and seeing who approaches you. Most connections are made with no money changing hands; a pure value exchange.

Valuable media

The Influence Room proves an effective way of getting your brand into the hands of some of the most influential people. Our influencer base browse through the brand users with high frequency and engagement value; which is then increased by our regular newsletters, push notifications and category specific invitations.

Increased efficiency

Only communicate with those celebrities and influencers who have proactively declared their interest in your offer; saving time and money and offering a significantly faster result and higher return.

Amplifying your entire media mix

Our influencers span on and offline media; from A-list talent, through to social media influencers. Our pool of advocates can serve to amplify every part of your paid, owned or earned media.

You choose the brands

You may often be approached by brands who would like you to love them or sent products that the brand owners or agencies think you’ll like. Using The Influence Room, you get to choose the brands, products or experiences that you already love, the ones you like the look of or have a specific need for at that moment in time.

New content all the time

With an ongoing stream of offers from existing and new brands coming in all the time, you’ll be able to find new content to feature in your channels. Moreover, the stories you create will be your own and without the executional control or back and forth.

On your terms

Brands will detail what they are offering and what they are looking for but The Influence Room is all about advocacy. You are open to share with the brand the stories and the media you feel most comfortable in creating for them.

Talent Agents

Talent retention tool
Time efficiency in sourcing contra partners
Developing pipeline of new brand relationships
Commercial opportunities

The Influence Room enables you to add value to your talent relationships by offering them products and experiences that you know they'll love. We can support development of your talent’s commercial objectives by helping partner them with the right brands throughout their changing careers.

Brand Agencies

Saving time and money
Creating value add for your clients
Delivering greater engagement & ROI

Whatever you’re doing, we can help bring you an additional layer of celebrities and influencers who are keen to be involved in amplifying your activity. Unlock advocates you never knew existed – all of whom are proactively choosing to play a part in the campaign.

"The Influence Room is something I have loved using! There is a very even benefit for both brands and influencers. You get to chat to the brand on the content you're happy with, they have suggestions too but are all very flexible!"

Skai - Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger

"We were up and running really quickly on The Influence Room and seeing the benefit of our membership within half an hour. Their platform has driven us a consistent stream of interesting influencers who are keen to work with us. It has been a huge time efficiency, and has been really valuable to our progress this year."

William F D Roberts. Managing Director - Casperlight Holdings, LTD

"The Influence Room found my client (a high profile England cricketer) two tickets for the ATP Finals in the the O2 celebrity box. How they managed it in 20 minutes I don’t know, but I love them for it."

Senior Talent Manager - CSM Sport and Entertainment

"The Influence Room is a fantastic platform with a smooth App. I have been able to attend incredible events such as a special showing of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ along with an introduction from the cast. Thank you again, making dreams possible."

Andy Hoang - Fashion Photographer

"I've been a member of TIR since it launched and have always found it to be ahead of the competition. TIR has assisted growth of The Gentleman Racer enormously; with The Iconic Luxury Hotel Group playing host to our first live event. Just love being a part of this club, which really gets the fast paced world of brand and influencer collaborations."

Tom - Chairman of The Gentlman Racer

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