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To filter influencers who have bid on your campaign, follow these simple steps.

Yes - in 'Pending Bids' you have the option to message influencers before accepting them. You can also do this from the Messages/Inbox tabs.

An influencer is anyone who has the power to influence people’s behaviour. We welcome all types of creators, including:

  • Celebrities
  • Social media talent
  • Opinion leaders
  • High net-worth individuals
  • Consumers who help charities or causes

Our creators are either talent first or digital first:

  • Talent-first creators are famous for what they do. They have an engaged audience that spans online and offline media. They range from actors, models, and musicians to chefs and journalists.
  • Digital first creators have built and engaged an audience across one or several online channels.

We welcome new talent on a case-by-case basis. Before onboarding creators, we:

  • Verify each application to ensure it’s genuine.
  • Assess criteria like engagement rate, authenticity of following, and age of audience
  • Check we have relevant content for them on the site.

Click into the profile of any creator that has bid on your opportunity. You’ll see what they do, their interests, their offerings, images, a short biography, and links to their social media.

We provide a comprehensive audience data set to help you decide which bidders are right for your brand. You can also engage with them via our direct messaging system to learn more about their tone of voice and see if they’re suitable.

That will depend on your contract and what has been agreed commercially.

You do not need to ask for addresses, we capture that information in the application process. To see any influencer's contact details, follow this link

Yes, you can communicate with your chosen influencers directly on the platform with our chat functionality.

Most creators will avoid working with competitors to preserve integrity with their audience. But we’ll alert you if a bidder has worked with a competitor through The Influence Room in the previous month.


To download content from a campaign, follow these simple steps. 

To see the content created by influencers for your campaign, follow these simple steps.

We encourage you to give advocates the creative freedom to produce as much or as little content as they like for a more authentic result. However, on average, we usually see around two pieces of content per creator.

Creators own the rights to their own content. They aren’t paid to ‘transfer rights’ or for usage of that content in any other media. However, if you love a piece of content and get permission to share it from the creator, you can use it on your own channels or websites. This is a legally binding agreement under our site terms and conditions.

If you’d like to see content before it goes live, you can do this through our platform via the chat feature. However, you’ll get the best and most authentic content that delivers results by giving influencers complete freedom over the content they publish.

Yes – when the right handles and hashtags are used, we record content automatically.


To bulk message selected influencers, follow these simple steps. 

Follow these steps to learn how to accept bids on a campaign.

When creating a campaign, you can set the campaign dates in the 'Offering' section. Set the date/time you want the campaign to go live and then click 'Publish'.

The status will then show as 'Pending' on your Campaign Dashboard.

There are two main fields when creating a campaign: 'What we're offering' & 'What we're looking for'. These sections are limited to 500 characters each so it's best to keep it as concise as possible.

What we're offering: Provide a bit of background info on your brand/product and bullet point the products you'll be gifting.

What we're looking for: Note any specific content requirements you have e.g. minimum deliverables, style of content, inspiration references etc.

Tip: Make sure the value exchange is balanced i.e. the deliverables should be a fair expectation based on the cost/value of the gifted product/experience.

Content: Gift products or experiences to creators in exchange for assets they create for you to use in your marketing. Content will be uploaded via the platform directly and not tracked across social media channels.

Organic Social: Exchange products and experiences for authentic social media. These campaigns will be tracked to measure your activity's success.

Contra: Exchange products or experiences for exposure from advocates.

Commercial: Paid collaborations with budget allocated in exchange for social media content

Cause: Find supporters of your cause who champion what you stand for and activate your messaging.

It is not possible to edit a campaign once it's live. You can save it as a draft first to ensure everything looks correct before publishing.

In case there are any minor changes/typos that need to be amended, please reach out to our support team at customer.success@theinfluenceroom.com

The far right column on the Campaign Dashboard will show the status of each campaign, whether it's Live, Inactive, Pending or Expired.

To see if an opportunity is live, click on the ‘Campaign’ tab in the navigation bar. Under ‘My Campaigns’ you should see the filter ‘Live’. Any live campaigns should be listed below.

Once you’ve agreed on the concept and built the opportunity, it can then be pushed live, and bids will be received. After one or two weeks, bids will start to be accepted, and you can ship products to advocates. These can take another one to two weeks to be received. Around two to three weeks later, influencers post content and you’ll receive the data. After three to four weeks, you can begin to look at insights and reports.


To find a campaign report, follow these simple steps.


Once you’ve accepted a creator for an opportunity, they’re automatically added to a report. You can access this any time via a shareable link.

This report is updated daily. You can see a range of detailed information, including:

  • Partaking creators
  • Content produced
  • Reach
  • Impressions
  • Engagements

You can also view the ROI of your campaign based on impressions and engagement in an Earned Media Report.

We help brands build brand awareness. To measure this, we focus on impressions and engagements. This then generates Earned Media Value, which represents the cost the brand would have paid to generate the results we demonstrate.


Brands can subscribe to The Influence Room at one of three pricing tiers. To find out more, get in touch with our sales team.


We’ll step in on your behalf. Our creators sign up to clear guidelines when they join. If they don’t meet the quality standards we expect, we’ll request that they return your products and suspend or remove them from The Influence Room.

Email us at support@www.theinfluenceroom.com. We’ll do our best to find an agreeable solution.




We welcome new talent on a case-by-case basis. Before onboarding, we:

  • Verify your application to ensure it’s genuine
  • Assess criteria like engagement rate, authenticity of following, and age of audience
  • Make sure we have relevant content for you in The Influence Room


This can vary depending on the campaign. However, in general, you’ll be expected to post as soon as possible once you’ve received the product.

Please ensure that you’ve marked your collaborations as complete once you’ve posted all the agreed content and shared it with the brand. If it remains overdue, please contact one of the team via the support email or support chat function and we’ll investigate this for you.

Yes – when the right handles and hashtags are used, we’ll record your content automatically.

Yes - as a member of The Influence Room the content created for a brand allows them to re-post your content across their social media platforms, without notifying you. If you do not wish for your content to be reposted, please let us know immediately by contacting us at support@theinfluenceroom.com.

No, you have the creative freedom and responsibility to create the content you want, as long as it fits the brief set by the brand.

We understand that unforeseen circumstances pop up from time to time, but we do ask that you keep the brands you’re working with updated with any issue.

This can vary depending on the campaign. However, in general, you’ll be expected to post as soon as possible once you’ve received the product.

You’ll usually receive products one to two weeks after your bid is accepted.


Any unsuccessful bid will move to your archived area and show as 'expired'. When successful, the status 'pending' in orange this will change to green and say 'accepted'.

This does differ from brand to brand. On average we see brands make their decisions between 1-3 weeks of the bid window expiring.

Include why the opportunity would fit your social channels and why you love the product. Be as specific as possible with your content ideas, and ensure they match the brief.

Most of the opportunities on Room Unlocked are contra, meaning you will be gifted a product/service in exchange for content. However, we do also have commercial opportunities that pop up occasionally.

Within your inbox, click the green box that is titled with the relevant opportunity, it will take you to the opportunity page where you will find the details of the brief.

Absolutely! We help many agencies with sorting their client requests and introducing their talent to brands that are right for them.

Absolutely! We help many agencies with sorting their client requests and introducing their talent to brands that are right for them.

We expect you to follow the latest rules set out by the Advertising Standards Authority.




If you would like your account to be reviewed again following a suspension, please get back in touch in 3 months' time from the date of your suspension, and we will re-review your account. If your account still meets our requirements at that point, we will be able to accept you back onto the platform.

If you don’t adhere to our T&Cs on more than two occasions, your account will face suspension. The reasons for suspension include, but are not limited to, posting content late with no explanation, incomplete content, failure to communicate, posting inappropriate content, etc. Please visit the T&Cs page for further information.

Please fill out your address details on your profile. Once updated you should be able to start placing bids.

Please try and get in contact with the brand. If you are facing communication issues with the brand, you can reach out to us at support@www.theinfluenceroom.com

Email us at support@www.theinfluenceroom.com We’ll do our best to find an agreeable solution.

If you don’t like a product or feel that you’ve been given something that’s not as expected, we ask that you let the brand know in a respectful manner. These things happen and brands understand this, but to respect the relationship between yourself and the brand, we would like this to be shared politely.


If you need to update information in your profile, go to the top left-hand corner and click on your profile. From the drop-down click on "Settings". Here you will be able to update your information. If you have any issues, please contact support@www.theinfluenceroom.com. 

If you need to update your address, go to the top left-hand corner and click on your profile. From the drop-down click on "Settings". Here you will be able to update your address. 

The system is set up to periodically update user's follower counts (every 21 days) but there might be some lag between what we have on record for new applicants and what appears on your social media profiles. If it has been over a week, feel free to get in touch and we can look into this further with the technical team.

Following a reassessment of your application, your stats (engagement rate, following rate, UK audience percentage etc) don't meet our criteria. At times, our data can be slightly out, so if you think you meet our requirements, provide screenshots of your insights again, and we will happily reassess your application.