The Room’s evolution to Room Unlocked

Room Unlocked Rebrand

The Room is evolving. Over the past five years, we’ve helped some of the UK’s biggest brands develop deeper relationships with their target audiences by connecting them with genuine advocates who champion their products or services in an authentic way. However, we believe that the concept of exchanging value rather than currency is just getting started and that our next chapter of growth will be even more exciting than the one preceding it.

In light of that, we felt that our current name ‘The Room’, didn’t quite cut it anymore. Instead, we will now be known as ‘Room Unlocked’, reflecting our goal to create room for brands and influential people to be true to themselves. Instead of being limited to four walls, Room Unlocked better references the huge untapped potential in terms of what we can offer both brands and advocates, and the value exchange space in general. Everything that people love about the platform will remain the same – we simply felt that we’d outgrown our old title.

Our growth has shown that there is now globally a far greater appetite for value exchange and authenticity than ever before, and we’re delighted to be opening our doors to more brands, advocates and soon-to-be new markets.

We’re proud to be championing genuine advocacy over paid influence and have seen first-hand how this approach successfully unlocks far more passion, value and trust for brands than can ever be bought. Not only that, but we also firmly believe that this approach is helping to bring back a degree of authenticity to influence on social media, which has become increasingly hard to find in recent years.

Most importantly, we’d like to say a genuine thank you to everyone that has formed part of the ‘Brand Love Revolution’ so far, and we hope you’re as excited as we are in terms of what the future holds for the platform. If you’re an advocate – expect more fantastic opportunities to partner with the brands you love. If you’re a brand – expect even more incredible results from the campaigns you run with us - all done in an authentic way that fosters long lasting value and trust in your community.


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