The Love-Trust Barometer

At a time when there are significant impacts on the global market, brands need to be working with genuine and relatable influencers to resonate with their audience. Discover the ultimate guide to influencer marketing in 2023.
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What's inside

From consumer spend hits to building genuine influencer partnerships, here’s what you’ll learn

How the global influencer market is changing

Understand how the cost of living crisis is impacting how people view influencer lifestyles. Learn how to unlock the power of true brand advocates.

Is influencer marketing the best or worst thing to happen

From paid media to disingenuous influencers, discover in-depth stats to ensure consumers don’t switch off to your influencer ad campaigns.

How to combat the growing sustainability issues

Uncover how The Influence Room's ‘barter economy’ model can reduce the overwhelming concerns and impact of PR and brand packages.

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