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How user-generated content helped Virgin Voyages reach over 22 million consumers
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The Objective

The aim of the campaign was for Virgin Voyages to drive awareness and inspire consumers to set sail on the new Valiant Lady cruise ship.

The Challenge

Virgin Voyages wanted to find the right influencers who could authentically share their experience sailing on the new Valiant Lady and amplify their new travel routes to a wider audience.

Key Metrics


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Pieces of Content


Virgin Voyages collaborated with a range of micro-influencers to help target wider and more engaged audiences.

Real-time content

Influencers created reactive content whilst they were travelling, giving a real insight into their experience in an authentic and real way.

Diverse influencers

Virgin Voyages worked with fitness influencers to show off the active facilities on board the Lady Valant.

Embrace Brand Spotlight

Virgin Voyages strategically partnered with a diverse group of influencers, spanning varying follower sizes and a spectrum of categories and interests. These influencers crafted content across a multitude of formats, sharing their creative expressions seamlessly on both Instagram and TikTok platforms.

This approach not only facilitated a dynamic and engaging narrative but also proved instrumental in Virgin Voyages' accomplishment of surpassing a million engagements throughout the entire campaign.

Key Takeaways

Collaborating with a diverse array of both macro and micro-influencers, Virgin Voyages achieved a remarkable reach of over 22 million, fostering widespread awareness and enthusiasm of the Lady Valant.
The bank of high-quality, authentic content generated at such a scale empowered Virgin Voyages to seamlessly integrate it into their own marketing plans and channels. This adaptable content pool proved instrumental in enhancing the overall promotional efforts of the new cruise ship.
Influencers played a pivotal role by crafting real-time content, predominantly in the form of engaging Instagram Stories. This dynamic content showcased the cruise ship’s exceptional facilities and serves as an effective means to educate their audiences.
Allowing influencers the autonomy to create content in their distinctive styles resulted in a noteworthy increase in engagement. This approach contributed to the success of the campaign and the heightened connection between Virgin Voyages and their audience.

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