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How Virgin Media O2 successfully ran a brand awareness campaign with 6 brand advocates
Industry: Entertainment

The Objective

Virgin Media O2 wanted to target Billie Eilish fans specifically to generate recognition for her ‘Happier Than Ever' tour at The O2.

The Challenge

The challenge they faced was to find true brand lovers to authentically promote their experience at The O2 across different social media channels, in the hope of inspiring their followers to attend the variety of events they hold.

Key Metrics












Pieces of content

True brand advocates

Virgin Media O2 collaborated with true Billie Eilish fans to go above and beyond sharing their excitement about attending her show at The O2.

Reactive content

Influencers created content in real-time; before, during and after the show to give an insight into their experience in a genuine and authentic way.

Diverse influencers

Inviting a range of influencers across different categories allowed them to reach different audiences, from different categories, that would be interested in attending The O2.


"For us as a brand, being able to connect with people that reach out to us first is a great way for us to be authentic and create longstanding partnerships. We have been able to find influencers that are genuine customers of ours, massive brand advocates, and it's a dream match made in heaven."

Morgan Browne
Social and Content Lead at Virgin Media O2

Key Results

Strategic influencer selection from diverse categories enabled them to broaden its reach significantly, accumulating over 800k impressions. This approach not only enhanced the event's visibility but also ensured that Virgin Media O2 resonated with a wide-ranging audience.
Advocates created content on various social media platforms, including TikTok and Instagram, to share their firsthand experiences of watching Billie Eilish. Through a dynamic mix of Stories and Reels, these influencers brought the event to life for their audiences, amplifying the impact of attending The O2.
Allowing influencers the autonomy to create content in their distinctive styles resulted in a noteworthy increase in engagement. This approach helped solidify the event's impact, establishing a memorable connection with their followers.
By inviting influencers to attend the show in an exclusive hospitality suite, influencers created buzz and excitement around the whole experience, fostering heightened engagement.

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