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How The Wood Veneer Hub generated over 5 million impressions through collaborating with 7 influencers
Industry: Home & DIY

The Objective

The main focus for The Wood Veneer Hub was to increase site visits by generating awareness of their new product range.

The Challenge

The Wood Veener Hub wanted to build DIY-focused influencer campaigns, however, due to a small in-house team they faced time constraints with influencer discovery.

Key Metrics


Total Bids






Earned Media Value





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Content Created

The content created was in multiple formats and across different platforms. All the content created was highly creative and authentic.


Pieces of Content
1 Post
3 Videos
Influencers created step-by-step TikTok videos showing how easy it is to put their new panels up on the wall. Both short and long videos allow creators to share more details on how to recreate the same look at home. Overall, the content received more engagement.
TikTok Videos
41 Stories
Stories are a quick, easy and most authentic way for advocates to engage with their followers. It is a less staged and more effective way to engage with the audience as it allows influencers to discuss the products as well as create an interactive aspect.
11 Reels
Advocates created Reels to showcase their home transformations by using The Wood Veneer panels. The use of Reels allows for more creativity and freedom and can reach a wider audience.


By strategically collaborating with micro-influencers with established highly engaged audiences, the brand was able to lower their cost per engagement.
Encouraging the creation of engaging reels and storytelling helped increase site visits.
The Wood Veneer Hub often launched new products on the platform which increased product awareness and consistently drew in DIY enthusiasts.
By nurturing the creative freedom of influencers that The Wood Veneer Hub worked with, the brand was able to increase their bank of authentic UGC.

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