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How Kurt Geiger reached a wider audience to spread awareness around World Kindness Day
Industry: Fashion

The Objective

The aim of the campaign was for Kurt Geiger to generate awareness of their new charity dedicated to giving young people the opportunities, support and resources to enter the creative industry.

The Challenge

Kurt Geiger wanted to find influencers who could help them draw attention to World Kindness Day and Giving Tuesday by creating content that generated content across their social media channels.

Key Metrics












Pieces of content

Gifting campaign

Influencers received one of their core styles, the Mini Kensington bag, to create content around, and highlight, World Kindness Day and Giving Tuesday.

True advocates

The brand strategically engaged a diverse array of influencers, combining the reach of macro-influencers with the authenticity of micro-influencers.

Quality content

The mix of engaging Instagram Stories and visually striking static posts provided a multifaceted and compelling narrative that resonated with their audiences.


Key Results

Kurt Geiger achieved notable successes through its influencer collaboration, realising a significant uptick in website traffic. The brand strategically bolstered its presence by elevating awareness around World Kindness Day and Giving Tuesday.
The synergy of both macro and micro-influencers played a pivotal role, resulting in an impressive reach that exceeded 1.3 million. This inclusive approach not only amplified the brand's visibility but also cultivated meaningful connections with diverse segments of the audience.
Kurt Geiger's exceptional average engagement rate of 2.15% surpassed industry benchmarks, notably outperforming the average of 0.36%. This robust engagement underscored the campaign's effectiveness in capturing audience attention and fostering authentic interactions.
The campaign yielded a wealth of high-quality content, strategically designed for repurposing across Kurt Geiger's diverse channels and integrated seamlessly into comprehensive marketing plans. This content reservoir not only served the immediate campaign goals but also became an enduring asset for the brand's ongoing promotional strategies.

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