How HelloFresh Generated Over 900+ Pieces of Authentic Influencer Content
Industry: Food & Beverages

The Objective

The main objective for HelloFresh was to increase their subscription sign-ups.

The Challenge

With an in-house team focused on creating macro-influencer campaigns, HelloFresh wanted to scale their micro-influencer collaborations to reach a wider audience.

Key Metrics


Total Bids






Earned Media Value




Pieces of Content

Quality Content

By using reels and bite-sized stories, HelloFresh accumulated high-engaging authentic content that guided their audience through a range of unique cooking experiences.


Whilst collaborating with a huge volume of micro-influencers proved to be time-consuming, The Influence Room’s management subscription helped to streamline the process, improving the efficiency of HelloFresh’s campaigns.

User Generated Content

Building a portfolio of UGC serves as social proof by advertising the real value of HelloFresh’s subscription service.

Embrace Brand Spotlight

Key Takeaways

By collaborating with a huge volume of brand lovers, HelloFresh was able to receive over 900 pieces of high-quality, authentic content.
HelloFresh focused on boosting its quantity of reusable content to increase brand awareness which helped increase the conversion of Hello Fresh subscription sign-ups.
The simplification of the gifting process helped boost the efficiency of HelloFresh’s campaigns.
By establishing clear guidelines and key messaging in their campaign brief, the brand was able to ensure consistency with the content produced.

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