Everything you need to know about X (Twitter) so far

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media platforms, Twitter has made waves with its recent transformation and rebranding as "X". With this significant change, the microblogging giant aims to redefine the way users interact, share content, and connect with their audiences. In this article, we'll delve into the key aspects of this transformation, exploring the reasons behind the name change, the implications for brands and influencers, and the distinctions between X and its predecessor, Threads.

Why did Twitter’s name change to X?

The decision to rebrand Twitter as X was rooted in the platform's aspiration to become more than just a microblogging site. The move signifies Twitter's intention to expand its offerings beyond the constraints of its original concept, encompassing a broader spectrum of communication and content sharing. The letter "X" in the new name symbolises the infinite possibilities and the crossing of boundaries, reflecting the platform's ambition to break free from its own limitations and cater to a wider range of user needs.

Will the name of Tweets change?

Despite the rebranding, the essence of Twitter's signature feature, the "Tweet," remains unchanged. Tweets will continue to be the fundamental unit of content sharing on the platform, maintaining their characteristic brevity and real-time engagement. This consistency ensures that users can still express their thoughts, share news, and engage in conversations within the familiar framework they've come to love.

What does the Twitter rebrand mean for brands and influencers?

The Twitter rebrand brings a slew of exciting changes for brands and influencers looking to harness the power of social media for their marketing and engagement strategies. One of the most notable additions is the introduction of "X Premium," a subscription-based model that provides a host of benefits to users.

X Premium

X Premium offers subscribers several advantages that can significantly impact their social media experience:

Edit post

Responding to popular demand, this feature offers users a one-hour timeframe to make changes to an already published post. Leverage this function to effect updates, tag individuals, or rearrange the media files you've linked. It's important to note that the post-editing option is presently applicable solely to original posts and Quotes.

Half the number of ads

Subscribers of X Premium will enjoy a streamlined and ad-light experience, allowing them to focus more on the content that matters to them most. 

Prioritised rankings

X Premium users gain the advantage of having their posts featured more prominently in users' feeds. This elevated visibility offers brands and influencers a chance to reach a wider and more engaged audience. 

Longer posts

X Premium permits longer posts, expanding the character limit beyond the traditional 280 characters. This feature enables influencers and brands to craft longer, more detailed posts. It’s important to note that everyone will be able to read longer posts, but only Premium subscribers can create them.

Ad revenue-sharing payouts for influencers

Twitter's rebrand also introduces a new revenue-sharing model for influencers. Creators who generate engaging content can now earn a share of the ad revenue, providing them with a tangible incentive to create high-quality and relevant posts. Creators will be able to set up Ads Revenue Sharing and Creator Subscriptions independently. Ads Revenue Sharing will be available globally to creators who meet the eligibility requirements.

Sensitivity settings

The platform is introducing enhanced sensitivity settings that empower users to curate their feeds according to their preferences, ensuring a more tailored and enjoyable experience. This feature hopes to woo advertisers back to the platform as it will ensure that a brand’s ads shows up next to content that meets its “unique sensitivity needs”.

Enhanced block list

X offers an improved block list feature, enabling users to filter out unwanted content and interactions more effectively, thus fostering a safer online environment. This feature is designed to help protect advertisers from appearing next to unsure keywords in the Home Timeline - for example ‘You’ and ‘Following’. 

What’s the difference between X and Threads?

Distinguishing between X and Threads reveals a significant contrast in their functionalities and user experiences. Threads, accessible solely through the mobile app, stands out for its seamless integration with Instagram accounts during sign-up. This feature-rich yet straightforward platform permits users to share diverse content types, including text, videos, images, and links, while facilitating the exploration of other accounts to follow. 

However, Threads maintains a limited range of capabilities, lacking the option for expanded features through payment, yet ensuring an ad-free environment for its users.

Conversely, X offers a more comprehensive experience by being accessible both through the mobile app and the website, expanding its reach to various devices. X presents a broader spectrum of sign-up options, including email, phone number, Google, and Apple accounts, catering to a wider user base. This platform is a versatile canvas for content creation, allowing users to share not only text, videos, images, and links but also engage with their audience through polls. 

X distinguishes itself with enhanced content discovery tools, enabling users to explore a more varied array of content. With a plethora of features and the option to access even more through a subscription plan, X offers a comprehensive and customisable experience. However, it's important to note that this comprehensive experience includes the presence of ads, providing the platform with a revenue stream to support its offerings.

In conclusion, Twitter's transformation into X marks a pivotal moment in its evolution as a social media platform. With X Premium and a range of new features, brands and influencers have a unique opportunity to engage with their audiences in more meaningful ways, while users can tailor their experience to align with their preferences. As the platform continues to unfold its potential, we can anticipate even more innovations that redefine how we connect and communicate in the digital age.